I wasn’t suffering from any major physical issues prior to coming to see Jed, but I’d always wanted to give Rolfing a try. I didn’t have any pain issues but I hadn’t felt very comfortable in my own body for a long time. Things just didn’t feel right in ways I couldn’t quite explain, as though I was walking around in borrowed shoes. Fortunately, I never really had to explain much to Jed.

I was expecting to feel some amount of pain during the procedure (everyone always said Rolfing was great but that it hurt like crazy) but I was surprised to find that there was none. In fact, it was even blissful! I went straight into a very deep relaxation while Jed seemingly had a conversation with my body with his hands. When we were done, I could breathe so much more deeply and easily. I felt like a weight had been lifted off of me. It’s only afterwards that I realized just how much “overwhelm” I had been carrying around with me.

I signed up for the 10 series and now after having finished it, I feel magnificent! I had never noticed just how little I was aware of my body before. Come to think of it, in my quest for higher awareness, I’d actually only ever considered the body to be a merely useful vehicle, even a hindrance. Now I’m thinking that inhabiting the body fully is a prerequisite for truly experiencing the here and now and I feel very very good. I feel more myself. More balanced – physically and mentally. I experience far less stress. I have moments of spontaneous JOY bubbling up from within! I highly recommend Jed to anyone who is even remotely curious to see what Rolfing can do for them – which probably should be everyone who hasn’t recently been Rolfed!


Jed Bentley is a wonderful healer and bodyworker. I’ve been to many body workers in the past 25 years or so, and he has been by far the most effective in releasing old bad habits of posture and alignment. My posture and breathing have been transformed for the better. Jed knows intuitively how to apply pressure effectively; knows when to apply it, and also knows when “less is more”, when a lighter touch will get a more effective release than a stronger one. I recommend him highly.


Jed offers a safe space in which to discover how the body holds onto physical and emotional issues and helps to release them with gentle persuasion. He affirms that the body is sacred and treats it as such. I found Jed to be kind, caring, thoughtful and patient. Enormous personal changes I experienced during the Rolfing series were eased by Jed’s expert work on my body. What amazed me was how deftly Jed cared for my vulnerability so that I felt completely safe in his care. This helped me trust Jed and allow greater release of tensions that held me captive for years. His work has made a significant difference in my life.

Just before the last session, I experienced painful and debilitating muscle spasms from overwork. Jed made adjustments to accommodate my needs. My back is much better now and my glutes are especially grateful! I can appreciate the expansion my lungs feel as I breathe.

-Theresa Owen

When I went to see Jed, I was beyond exhausted. My nervous system felt chronically overwhelmed and starved for nourishment. Jed came highly recommended and I found out why. Besides the fact that he is an excellent and gentle Rolfer, the healing energy coming through Jed is amazing. Jed’s healing hands gave me the deep nourishment and healing that I needed. It was very powerful for me.

-Marsha Madden

I went to receive a Rolfing treatment from Jed I was in some pain around my hips, ribs and neck from an accident and I didn’t know that just one treatment could help me so much. I also did not expect that Rolfing could be done with ease and gentleness. Jed’s professional skill and his heartfelt presence is outstanding. I even relaxed into the blissful zone I usually only experience with really good massage. Thank you Jed! I’ll be back for more.

-Sabine Grandke-Taft

Jed’s skill sensitivity to what was happening inside my body enabled it to relax into a more easeful place. His touch, and the way he moved my body helped remind it of what it was supposed to feel like, and how it was supposed to hold itself. It feels as if his Rolfing technique helps my body remember what it’s forgotten, and find a balance it has long been seeking. Thank you for this beautiful gift.

-Liz Kennedy, Customer Service Representative

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