I heard that Rolfing is painful, is that true?

The reputation for Rolfing being painful comes from its early years when we were much less educated about how the body and nervous system change. Now we know that the body is intelligent and able to respond and adapt to input rather than simply passive putty that must be forced into place. There certainly can be some discomfort while receiving Rolfing, but I will stay responsive to you and your needs. Much discomfort can be eased by simply slowing down and waiting for the body to respond in its own time.

How is Rolfing different from massage therapy and chiropractic?

Massage works with individual muscles, while chiropractors work with alignment in bones and joints. Rolfing takes a big picture view and focuses on integrating and aligning the entire body, bringing online its natural potential for easeful support.

Do the results from Rolfing last?

Yes, Rolfing initiates changes on a fundamental level that continue to shift for a number of months after the sessions are over.

Do I have to commit to 10 sessions?

No, you do not. While Rolfing is most effective when completed as a whole series, fewer sessions do have their benefits. You are welcome to try 1-3 sessions to see if this work is a good fit for you.

What about emotions?

It is impossible to touch the physical body without touching the emotional body. The stress of our lives and traumas of various kinds can accumulate in our bodies over time. As the body comes into its natural alignment and out of its compensatory patterns those emotions stored in the body have a chance to be accessed, welcomed and integrated.

Is there a connection between Rolfing and spirituality?

For me, yes, there definitely is. Embodiment practices such as Rolfing and yoga are wonderful to help ground our consciousness and spiritual growth into our bodies. I find that Rolfing is a powerful and effective way to bring ourselves that much more into the present. Wounds, traumas, and injuries from the past live in our bodies until they can be healed and released. They can hijack even our greatest attempts at growth and connection, and take up a lot of our energy and awareness. Through the hands-on work of Rolfing those can be healed and the body and person are naturally that much more free to be in the present moment.

Additionally Rolfing supports strengthening the body so that more life force (chi or prana) can flow through. This makes having a body that much more of a joy. It takes a strong body to hold and ground the great Love and Presence that many people realize in their spiritual lives. Rolfing and the 10 series are one of the best ways to do this that I have found.

How long should I wait in between sessions?

I always say a good “soft target” is once a week. I’ve seen great results with people who have come up to once a month, though if you’re going through the 10 series and are able, I suggest once a week.

What should I wear?

For women: shorts and a tank top, though if you are comfortable standing and walking around in your underwear that works too.

For men: underwear or shorts

What is your rate?

Single Session: $150
3 Session Package: $435
5 Session Package: $700
10 Session Package: $1375

How long are the sessions?

Sessions are 60-65 minutes, including us talking before and after and time spent working on the table.

Do you accept insurance?

No, but I can give you a receipt that you can present to your insurance company if you wish.

Where are you located?

3535 Grand Ave #1

543 Castro St
San Francisco

East Bay Rolfing - Jed Bentley, Certified Rolfer™ & Massage Therapist.
Located at 3535 Grand Ave. #1 Oakland, CA and 543 Castro St. San Francisco, CA

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