Rolfing & Yoga

Rolfing and yoga complement each other very well. In fact, yoga was one of the original influences on Ida Rolf in her development of the Rolfing work. She studied with a yoga teacher Pierre Bernard in the 1930s at a time when yoga was virtually unknown in America.

What do Rolfing and yoga have in common?

They both aim to:

• Create more space and length in the body

• Differentiate the parts of the body so they can function independently of one another (rather than as one clump)

• Align and balance the joints of the body, decreasing compression in the joint space

• Deepen awareness and consciousness of the body and movement

• Allow life-force or prana to flow more freely in the body

• Deepening feeling and expression of emotions

• Greater connection, peace and joy

How can Rolfing help me if I already do yoga?

• Some of our holding patterns and habitual ways of being are so strong that we need someone else to guide us into another possibility, hands-on – after I received my first Rolfing 10 Series I actually find out harder to balance in standing poses, my usual way of gripping and tightening my legs and feet to balance had been taken away, this led me into finding a deeper yoga practice, one in which I was not gripping to hold myself up but finding the natural ease and support that my feet and legs had for me

• There are just some areas that we can’t get to ourselves – There is a magic to the detailed, hands-on work of Rolfing. There are areas of our body that we may have even forgotten that they existed that can be brought back on-line with Rolfing, now integrated and functioning as part of the whole body

• Injuries – yoga can be great for injuries but sometimes it simply takes a knowledgeable practitioner directly addressing the injured area, freeing up constrictions and helping to break up and move scar tissue

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