10 Series

Anyone can take a body apart; very few know how to put it back together.

-Ida Rolf

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The 10 series is a comprehensive method to work with the whole body and bring it into a new level of integration and functionality. Essentially, it is one session divided into 10 parts with each session building upon the gains of the last. I like to say it’s like upgrading to Your Body 2.0.

Sessions 1-3 are the sleeve sessions. They work with the most superficial fascia or wrapping of the body. The essential theme of these sessions is where am I? They help to establish a natural sense of the physical organism’s boundaries in space.

Sessions 4-7 are the core sessions. After the sleeve has been worked with and made adaptable we are ready to go into the core. It is possible to do great work in the core of the body right away but if the sleeve has not been worked with what’s opened in the core cannot be fully expressed out into the surface and the world. The essential theme of these sessions is: who am I?

Sessions 8-10 are integration sessions. This is when it all comes together. Session 8 and 9 are upper/lower sessions meaning that one will normally focus on the upper body and the other on the lower body. Session 10 is when through movement cues we make sure that the connective tissue system is functioning as well and freely as possible. The essential theme of these sessions is: how do I bring who I am into the world?

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