Go Beyond Pain Relief

Experience The Transformative Powers of Rolfing®
For Your Body… and your Mind and Soul

The pain in your body is talking to you.

Are you listening?

Perhaps some of these sound familiar:

  • You’re stressed and your body feels like it’s tied in knots.
  • You suffer from migraines or headaches.
  • You have chronic pain that hasn’t been helped through traditional routes.
  • You’re seeking a better awareness and connection with your body.
  • You miss some of your favorite activities because your body isn’t what it used to be.

If you’re in pain, you want relief ASAP.

Of course this makes perfect sense. Who wants to be pain?

Sometimes it’s possible to resolve pain quickly. But when pain persists, it’s often due to a complex set of reasons that are not easy to solve.

While pain often originates from an accident or injury, your lifestyle including your emotions and mindset, play a role in exacerbating and preventing it from going away.

Look at it this way…

Your body is like your home. If something happened to your house that damaged its foundation, the rest of the house wouldn’t hold up very well. You could patch up holes here and there, but eventually, unless the foundation was repaired, the house would collapse.

This is what happens in your body.

Once you are injured it often effects the structural alignment, the foundation of your body. It’s often difficult, if not impossible, to heal the pain without correcting the structural alignment.

The problem is most pain relief and bodywork methods attempt to do “patch up jobs” instead of going to the root of the problem. They don’t focus on the structural integration, which is the foundation of your body.

Now, don’t get me wrong.

As a certified massage therapist, I know the value of traditional healing methods. For some people they work wonders. For others, they provide at least moderate relief. However, for the rest, the relief is temporary or not at all.

People spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on treatments and end up feeling frustrated and still in pain!

Thankfully, there is an alternative…

Here’s Where the Relaxing Benefits of Massage Combined with the Healing Powers of Rolfing® Come in…

Hi, I’m Jed Bentley… Certified Rolfer™ and Certified Massage Therapist, serving both Oakland and San Francisco.

With my background as both a Rolfer™ and massage therapist, I can help you heal not only your body, but your mind and spirit as well.

Let me explain…

My skills in massage help you and your body become deeply relaxed. When your body is in a relaxed state, Rolfing® has even a stronger effect, allowing for the best results possible… from this place, I can help you resolve many ailments and change your life for the better.

You can discover a life without pain and find your body functions more efficiently with greater range of motion. Further, you’ll notice you have a lot more energy.

Not only that, but you’ll actually reverse years of other stress and strain symptoms without doing a single thing.

Your Body 2.0 – Experience the Transformation

As a certified Rolfer™, my goal is to help you go beyond pain relief. You’ll find that your healing is much deeper than you thought it ever could be. Rolfing® will release the strain and tension that has built up in your body, over time, from physical or emotional stresses and physical and psychological traumas.

Not only can I help with your injury, but I’ll realign your body and help it function at a higher level than it was BEFORE your accident.

Rolfing can help you experience healing on all levels.

I like to think of Rolfing® as upgrading your body to version 2.0.

Are You a Good Candidate for My Services?

I wish I could help heal everyone but, quite frankly, I’ve found the Rolfing® process works best with those who are open to deeper transformation– those open to new possibilities in their bodies and lives.

I find those who fully embrace the experience have the greatest benefits because they resist less. Also, the more open you are to the process, the more likely you’ll heal other issues affecting your life.

My background in massage, my spiritual orientation combined with my warm and nurturing presence means when you work with me, you’ll get more than just an experience in Rolfing®, you’ll get someone who sees you and cares about your health on every level.

Start Your Path to Healing Today.

When determining if this experience is right for you, look around my website and see if my approach to Rolfing™ resonates with you, specifically check out the page on the 10 series as that is how I have found the results of Rolfing to be most powerful.

If this feels like something you can connect with, you can schedule your first session here. Or if you’d like to speak with me first, call me at 415.450.5723.

I look forward to working with you if you are ready for a potentially life-changing experience.

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